Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thai girl

this was a couple years back when I had a good friend pose for me. I ask her just to sit naturally in the chair and she did that. Just plain irresistible.

Digital on a pen ink drawing. I just made her up. I think that is why she looks fairly common.

This is like what I imagine small family village life to be in the Cook Islands. Hard work to gather your meal but against the most amazing backdrop. This was also a breakthrough painting I did back in 03. I was learning but never giving up on it. It now hangs in my fathers home.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


so then last year I made another card. Thank you KJ for modeling for me.

So once I realized that it was much easier to paint in Photoshop than oils of something in the fantasy world I enhanced this one and turned it into a Christmas card. I do wish I was there.

dreaming of Tahiti

these are old digital sketches. I had these little ideas I wanted to make in to bigger oil paintings. This is a fast way to see if you can handle something that complicated. I did paint them in oils but the digital sketches were less of a head ache.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy times

Thali at Chadaka bar. I was trying to impress her at the time so I painted this on my laptop in about an hour.

Thumbnailing from the masters.

I love fun little exercises like this because they teach you so much about the artist attention to composition and color.

fires in '05

When we had those devastating fires in 05 the news channels were covering the event all day and all night and I was fascinated by the color of smoke at different times of day.

last study of Dean.

digital demo '04

master studies but in color and with Gouache.

Dean Cornwell Study

This is a Digital painting from a Dean Cornwell painting.